Dxed today by fam dr w/ endinetriosis based of us report of a unknown solid septated mass on r ovary, and told second opinion would leave me with same options of lupron injections or surgery. No prior indicstions of endometriosis prior to this us only hx

See gynecologist. Endometriosis usually presets with a cystic lesion on ultrasound not solid. If you have a solid or complex( cystic and solid components) then you should see a gynecologist and consider surgical removal. Particularly if you have not had a history of endometriosis before.
Wait. You cannot diagnose endometriosis for certain with ultrasound under any circumstances. Solid septated ovarian mass can go with endometriosis or other possibilities. You should pursue this with the doctor further; if no other options given then i'd pursue the second opinion, you need a firm diagnosis..

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Can endometriosis be diagnosis solely based off 2 us w/ ruptured large septated solid mass on r ovary and 1 exam? Only options given = lupron (leuprolide) or surgery.

Endometriosis. Usually , endometriosis is diagnosed by pathology from a surgical biopsy. However, sometimes ultrasound findings may suggest an endometrioma which may be endometriosis which forms a cyst on the ovary. Many clinical decisions may be based on your symptoms as well. Read more...