I had eclampsia when I had my daughter 15 years ago I had seizures blindness and 5 mini strokes do u think im going to have more health issues?

Already serious issu. You have already experienced serious constelation of problems from eclampsia. You did not indicate what your condition is now. that would be very important, for instance are you still having seizures. The complications of eclampsia cause long term problems based on the problems that have persisted.
At risk for HTN. Sounds like you had the real deal with eclampsia and presyndrome with your pregnancy 15 years ago. That puts you at risk of recurrence with another pregnancy, as well as at risk for chronic hypertension and mild memory and attention impairment years later. Take Aspirin if you are planning to get pregnant again at 80-81 mg daily before conception or by 16 weeks at the latest.
Pregnant? Are you going to get pregnant again? If not, chances are you've been through the worst of it. Pregnancy is definitely not recommended.