When I had the hida scan while in the first 4o minutes the bile went into my stomach what would cause this and would it cause my nausea I have nausea everday and it gets worse as the day progresses?

Bile reflux . Duodenogastric bile reflux occurs when bile from the gallbladder backs up into the stomach. This is what it appears that you have based upon your hida scan. It is fairly common, and could easily be the cause of your nausea. This gives a pretty good overview: http://www.Cnn.Com/health/library/bile-reflux/ds00651.Html.
bile reflux. C GIMD. Bile reflux from small bowel into stomach is not uncommon, can cause irritation and inflammation of stomach-bile gastritis. Anti acid meds don't treat the problem, and don't help. Other options. Follow up with your GI doc.
Yes. Sounds like you have reflux of bile into your stomach. This can occur if there is dysfunction of the pyloric valve after gallbladder surgery or injury. There could also reflux of bile into the esophagus. In any case, one would expect to see the symptoms you describe. Upper endoscopy my be required for further evaluation and possible treatment.
Consult gi physician. Enterogastric reflux (EGR),reflux of bile and other digestive fluids from duodenum into the stomach. EGR can harm gastric mucosa, stimulate H. pylori colonization, and acts synergistically with H. pylori to cause gastritis /intestinal metaplasia. Options for diagnosing EGR include HIDA scans or endoscopy.Treatment can include medications and surgery.EGR frequent incidental finding on HIDA scan.