What are some of the symptoms of colles' fracture?

Pain/swelling/others. A colle's fracure is an acute fracture of the wrist end of the forearm bones. The larger radius is usually knocked off the end of the shaft and the smaller ulnar bone is fractured. You usually do this by falling on the outstretched hand. Immediately you will have deformity, swelling, pain, perhaps numbness and will not want to use it. It is a serious fracture and should be seen immediately.
Swelling, deformity. Pain, swelling, wrist deformity. Often described visually as a "salad fork" deformity as colles describe the fracture in a manner where the deformity is similar in position to an upside down fork on a table.
Pain/Deformity. A colles fracture is a fracture of the distal radius (wrist ) . It is often caused by a fall on an outstretched hand . Because of the broken bone , bleeding causes swelling and deformity may be present if the fracture is displaced (out of place).