I am a lung cancer servivor of 15 years I have had bronchitus since mid july I have had a chest xray and a cat scan and my lungs are fine my cancer treatment was surgery to remove top lobe of left lung and 6 and a half weeks of radiiation?

COPD? Sounds like your cancer is cured, congratulations, you are one of few! you probably smoked and this lingering bronchitis may be uncontrolled copd. Check with your doctor for bronchodilators +/- steroids. Radiation pneumonitis would be very unusual after all this time.
First of all. Congratulations on your survival and i know you stopped smoking. If teh simple imaging of cxr and ct are negative, and you still cough, i would get pft's, including abg and dlco. I'd see a pulmonary doctor and make sure a bronchoscopy was not indicated or a pet scan. Highly unlikely to be related to your old disease or treatment.
Good news. It sounds as if you have a bronchitis. Because it has lasted this long. You should see your doctor.

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