How is clavicle fracture typically treated?

Depends. The treatment of clavicle fractures widely varies depending on the location of the fracture, the amount of shortening of the clavicle, involvement of surrounding soft tissues, including the overlying skin. Lots of fractures can be treated with a sling and time, certain fractures have superior outcomes with surgical care.
Non-surgically. Most clavicle fracture heal uneventfully, with 6-8 weeks of rest. However, there are some fracture patterns that may be better treated surgically. Consult a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon,. who specializes in shoulders.
Sling or strap. Is the traditional most common treatment in recent years more open reduction and internal fixation is being done especially for significantly displaced fractures or those associated with poor positioning of the fragments or in so called high performace athletes involved in overhead activity. Surgery brings its own unique risks and benefits too.