What are restrictions the with a broken wrist?

No lifting. Restrictions are set and discussed by your doctor. In general, do not lift anything or do any gripping, pushing, pulling, or twisting while healing from a broken wrist. These restrictions are usually in place for six weeks. Failure to restrict your activities may cause the broken pieces to move out of place and worsen your hand and arm function.
Easy does it. No lifting, pulling, pushing or grasping over 1 pound for 6 weeks. All fractures are not equal, some need a cast while some need surgery and others need to just take it easy.
Varies. Varies somewhat based upon a more specific description of the wrist fracture itself. That being said, most patients with a wrist fracture are immobilized in some form of splint or cast, and are ok to move and use fingers, but no lifting, pulling, or loading your wrist in any fashion. I would discuss the specifics of your case with your orthopedic surgeon.