Is lasik eye surgery safe?

Amost always. Nothing is 100% safe. Not even driving a car or crossing a street. Lasik is one of the safest procedures around but it's unrealistic to think in absolute terms of "safe" vs "unsafe". The patient has to be willing to sign the consent form that discloses everything that can go wrong (very rarely) and be comfortable taking a small chance for a big reward.
Yes. Lasik is one of the safest procedures around. Like any surgery there are some risks.
Yes. Yes. For appropriate candidates, lasik is the safest and one of the most common elective surgeries performed in the U.S.
Yes. Studies have shown that lasik is safe. It has been performed for about 20 years. Around 32 million people worldwide have had it. As with any surgery, there are always risks and it is important to know the risks and benefits.
Without question. This is a procedure, now with advanced laser technology machines, that has been performed millions of times with excellent results. Like all surgeries, there are a few risks but these are minor and uncommon. Dryness of the eyes after the procedure is common but not something one would consider unsafe.