How do you splint a broken hand?

It depends. Splinting of the hand is a lot more complex than you might imagine. Different fractures require different types of splinting. Some fractures require surgery. If you splint a particular fracture in the wrong manner it can actually make the deformity worse. It is best to see a hand surgeon to determine the best type of splinting necessary.
It depends. The splint will have to limit motion in the joint above and the joint below the break. If a finger is broken, adjacent fingers may need splinting as well.

Related Questions

Would my broken hand heal in a splint?

Treatments are. Variable depending on the type of fracture. Please follow your orthopedic surgeon/ hand surgeon's advice.

I have had a broken hand taken out of a cast and put in a splint how long till I can do heavy lifting again?

It depends. This is highly dependent on the type of fracture you had, location of the fracture and how long it had been in a cast. Most fractures are healed in 6-8 weeks, but the final decision should be made by the person most familiar with your particular situation.
3 weeks. Truly, this question can't really be answered here. It depends on exactly what your break was, how long it's been since the break happened, what does your x-ray look like, how does your hand feel.... Lots of factors! Best to ask your doctor who put you in the cast.

How long it will take to remove hand fracture splint?

4-6 weeks. The length of immobilization depends on several factors, including the type of fracture, as well how quickly the fracture is healing. On average, fractures heal in six weeks, and hand fractures usually require 4-6 weeks of immobilization.
Seconds. A splint can usually be removed in seconds, unless there is a complication.

If I have an acute fracture in my index finger and a broken hand will I have a cast or splint?

Broken hand. If you have a broken hand you will probably be casted.
Depends what broken. It depends on what is broken., but you may need a cast from your description. It depends where the break is and what type of break you have.