How long will it take a broken hand to heal?

6 wks w/ proper care. Most fractures take approximately 6 weeks to heal assuming proper care. Hand fractures can lead to deformity and pain; be sure to get it properly evaluated and treated. See your doctor (family doctor, internist or orthopedic surgeon) for best results.
Broken hand. Depends on what was broken, were any joints involved, did any fragments pierce the skin, was there nerve or vessel involement and was there complications e.g. Infection.

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How long should it take a broken hand to heal?

6-8 weeks. Depends on several factors including the location, patient's age, smoking, and others.
It depends. Most fractures take between 6 to 8 weeks to heal. They may be healed enough to allow for movement much sooner, however, and may continue to remodel for months after healing has occurred. Other factors may include the type of fracture, the form of treatment chosen, and patient factors such as age.

How long does it take for a broken hand to heal in cast?

Fracture. Varies depending on severity of fracture, displacement, age of patient, smoking status, etc. In general, most fractures that are minimally displaced will heal in 6-8 wks. Most displaced fractures can take longer and may not heal at all. Surgery may be needed to approximate the ends of the bone if widely separated.

How long does it take a broken hand bone to heal? Do you think 6 weeks is a good estimate?

Yes, 6 weeks. Most fractures are healed by 6 weeks and you should be able to resume normal activities soon thereafter. Most fractures need to be stabilized with a cast or splint. Post immobilization stiffness may require occupational therapy.
4-6 weeks. Most fractures heal within 4-6 weeks. Some are healed enough to start gentle motion exercises within 3 weeks or so. Ask your orthopedic surgeon who can guide you through the healing process and make recommendations regarding safe level of activity.

How long does it take for broken hand bones to heal?

Broken hand bones. For simple uncomplicated fractures in fingers or the metacarpals (long bones) take 6-8 weeks to heal, however some wrist bones such as the scaphoid and others may take longer as the blood supply in these is not as straightforward. Open fractures and higher energy injuries may take longer. The quality of the soft tisse and nerve supply and circulation in an injury zone may lengthen healing times.