How can you take care of a broken foot?

Broken foot. These are all good answers . The salient fact from these answers is that the broken foot needs to be evaluated and a treatment plan developed based on the nature and location of the fracture and when the injury occurred before diagnosis .
Rest, immobilization. How a foot fracture is treated depends on the location of the fracture and severity. Most are treated without surgery and involve some form of immobilization, including a cast or a boot walker. Crutches and limited weight-bearing are used with some fractures. Following up with your orthopaedic physician for re-examinations and repeat x-rays are important to ensure proper healing.
It depends. It depends on the type and location of the fracture. Fractures usually need to be immobilized with a splint, cast, or rigid walking boot depending on the location of the injury. For a well aligned non displaced broken toe you may get by with walking with a rigid surgical shoe. Some fractures may require surgical management. Have you physician determine which course of treatment is best for you.
Foot fracture. Many types, locations, & personalities of foot fractures. If minimal, buddy tape & hard sole shoe. May need protective boot or cast, no weight bearing, or possible orif surgery.
Depends. The nature of the fracture, whether it is is displaced or not, the mechanism of injury, time since injury to diagnosis, the location and many patient variables will determine the type and length of treatment.