When will a broken foot typically heal?

Depends. on the location of the break, amount of displacement, the treatment course (surgical vs casting), compliance of the patient.......history of any smoking, immuno-suppressive medications or disorders.
6 wks w/ proper care. Most fractures take approximately 6 weeks to heal assuming proper care. Foot fractures can lead to deformity and pain; be sure to get it properly evaluated and treated. See your doctor (family doctor, internist or orthopedic surgeon) for best results.
Foot fracture. Depends on how traumatic the fracture is, which bones are broken, did the fracture fragments pierce the skin, are there complications such as infection?
Depends. The location, stability, and injuring force can determine who fast a fracture will heal. In general, most will heal anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks when addressed with proper treatment.
Depends. Most broken bones, if uncomplicated, heal around 6 weeks. You will have some prolong soreness/stiffness for several months. See your foot care specialist/podiatrist for eval and discussion.