What are some of the symptoms of broken foot?

Broken bone foot. Pain is the prominent symptom worsened by weight bearing. Look for signs of swelling, anatomical distortion, bruising, and decreased function.
Pain and swelling. Most common symptoms are pain, swelling, bruising and limited movement of the foot. If you have a concern, have it evaluated. Walking on a fracture without protection can lead to prolonged healing or more serious injury. Dr l.
Broken foot symptoms. Broken bones in the foot and very from very little pain to severe pain. If you were unable to walk or place any weight on the foot, this may be the sign there is a fracture. Swelling to the area may also be an indication, especially if it does not improve in the first 5 days. Seek treatment if pain or swelling persists.

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What are some of the symptoms of a broken foot?

Pain/Swelling. Pain and swelling following an injury are the usual symptoms and sometimes a mild to severe deformity may be noted.
Broken Foot. Although there is great variation in how a broken foot can appear clinically the classic signs are: swelling, bruising, pain and inability to walk on it. If you cannot put weight on the foot, then an x ray is probably needed. In the meantime, take an anti-inflammatory and ice/elevate the foot above the heart.
Pain. Bruising, swelling, deformity of the foot, inability to bear weight on the foot.

What are some of the symptoms of a broken foot top by big toe?

Pain. Fractures in the foot cause pain and swelling.
Pain and swelling. With most fractures you will have pain, swelling, bruising and some limitation of movement of the adjacent joints. Elevate, ice, antiinflammatories, stay off the foot and see your foot specialists if concerned or discomfort persists. Dr l.
Pain... Pain, swelling, bruising, limitation of motion, and angulation deformities are signs of a possible fractured foot. Get an x-ray taken.
Fractured toe sympto. Sometimes, fractures of the toe or difficult to diagnose based on symptoms alone. Patient may have severe pain with no fracture and may have almost no pain with severe fractures. If there is continued swelling/pain/bruising down an x-ray may be recommended.