Can leaving in wisdom teeth on one side cause uneven jaw/chin? Had 3 taken out. Remaining one is on lower right.

Usually Not. Usually no. Unbalanced bite is usually due to more than just 1 tooth. I recommend you have it checked out by your dentist. He can tell you whats going on or refer you to the correct specialist.
Not really. I'm curious as to why 1 was not removed. Ask an oral surgical specialist why. That aside, the presence or absence of wisdom teeth does not cause differential skeletal growth. Bone growth is genetically determined, whether teeth are present or not.
Not usually. If the remaining wisdom tooth is not affecting or causing shifting of the adjacent teeth, your jaw and chin should not be affected. If the wisdom tooth is affecting the way your teeth come together, it could be a possible cause for your jaw or chin to be uneven. Your dentist or surgeon can advise you if the wisdom tooth should be removed or not.