Recent CT scan: non-obstr kidney stone, diverticulitis, thickening of bladder. Have to wait 2wks for followup, despite blood in urine/pain. Is ths ok?

IF this is. Diverticulitis with secondary inflammation of your bladder or possible fistula to your bladder from the diverticulitis, you need to be on 2 weeks of antibiotics and a no fiber diet and you need follow up with a colorectal surgeon 2 weeks into the process. The diet above is critical if this has a chance to resolve without surgery.
2 Few Puzzle Pieces. You are describing a lot of significant findings, but w/o the clinical context needed to give you an intelligent answer. By ct alone, it sounds like acute diverticulitis. Were you hospitalized? What is/was your exam like? What does your labwork show? Any prior episodes? I advise you to discuss your concerns w/your primary care dr. Good luck!

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CT scan at ER showed 4mm kidney stone just left kidney. 3 days later no blood in urine no problems urinating. Severe pain still only in lower back.

Drink fluids lots. May had another small fragment stuck at ureter or same one on CT moving ,have to see a urologist , may need a procedure to pass the stone after initial observation. Read more...

Went to ER for severe lower right ab pain and back pain. Dr said I had kidney stone and hematuria. Did urine and blood tests only but no cat scan, why?

See answer. Though symptoms and u/a may be suggestive, one cannot reliably make the diagnosis of a kidney stone without some type of an imaging study (kub, ultrasound, ct) with a non-contrast ct scan being the most accurate and reliable imaging study to determine the presence, location, and size approximation of a stone as well as to potentially rule out other causes of pain and hematuria. Read more...