What is the average healing time for broken femur?

3-4 months. It typically takes 3-4 months in adults for femur shaft fracture to consolidate. However neck & distal femur heal in half the time. Children also take half the time.
4 Months. The healing time for a femur fracture is variable. The type of fracture, as well as its location and possibly type of surgery come into play. Also, smoking has a negative affect on all types of bone healing. In long bone fractures, up to 8 months can still be within normal. Best of luck.

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Any advise on increasing healing of a broken femur with rod and screws? Does smoking marijuana slow healing time?

Recovery. An open reduction and internal fixation with rod and screws, is the recommended method of treating femur fracture. Smoking nicotine will DELAY healing. Nicotine is a powerful vaso constrictor that chokes off your blood flow. More blood flow is needed for healing. MJ has not been studied to know. Be well. Stay connected to your surgeon. Read more...
Many supps, improves. First, eat a healthy diet rich in organic fruits & veggies & avoid sugars (see http://bit.ly/1aWXd11). Many nutrients can speed healing, esp, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamins C, D and esp. K (take at least 1000 iu K2/day). Homeopathic Symphytum speeds fracture healing. Medical marijuana likely speeds bone healing-see http://bit.ly/1bYPQFD & http://www.projectcbd.org/conditions/osteoporosis-2/ Read more...