My daughter & I have itchy red dime-nickel size red spots on our shoulders, arms & hands. We've been taking Benadryl (diphenhydramine) but it doesn't help. Help please!?

Itchy red spots. What you describe sounds like eczema? This is a dry patches of skin from too much skin exposure to the weather and water and soap. Use cortisone cream to the spots three times a day and avoid a lot of outside skin exposure and excessive washing.
Rash. Rashes and skin lesions are impossible to diagnose without seeing them. However! the distribution suggests scabies. You need to be seen and evaluated.
Bug bites?? If the spots don't increase, they might be just bug bites. If they keep increasing, then they might be hives, an allergic reaction (of course there could also be multiple bugs causing new bites). Otc creams or gels that contain 1% Hydrocortisone or the skin anesthetic pramoxine can both be helpful (the dr. Can advise on what age range the meds can be used in). The dr. May want to examine the rash.

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