Found out I have bone spurrs in both heels they gave me lifts. Are they permadent? Am I gonna be able to run again?

Yes. Usually the calcaneal spurs do not cause the pain, usually its from the plantar fascia once you calm down the pain whether with ice, stretching, therapy or injection, then you will be able to return to your running i had a similar problem and successfully got rid of it.
Multifactorial. Treatment options for the management of plantar fasciitis or heel spur syndrome can include: strapping, injections, orthoces, heel cushions, physical therapy, extracorporial sock wave therapy and if nothing has been helpful, then surgery is an option.
Yes . You will be able to run. The spurs may be permanent but if there is no pain so what.
You should . Be able to run again. Conservative treatment should be stressed and includes stretching, arch supports, ice, antiinflammatories and time. When severe, excercise may need to be halted.