Have a mole that appeared on my fore head after I went to an air shiw and got burnt my face peeled but it has not gone away its dark brown and raised im also so weak and fatigued and bruise super eaisily what can be going on I had skin cancer 5years ago a

Too much! To deal with for a computer question. I would make sure you get checked out as your concerns could be serious. With a history of skin cancer at a very young age, you need to be extremely protective of your skin whenever you are going to be outside. You should wear sunscreen every day, and re-apply at least every 4 hours when you are in the sun. Wear a hat and protective clothing too!
Need to see doctor. Only way to find three issues you have is by seeing your doctor. You have skin cancer before head lesion could be a skin cancer , 'you are weak fatigued, bruise super eaisily ' is also a concern need professional attention and need tests.