How can I turn a breech baby?

Moxibustion. I agree with the information that was provided by dr. Herold and dr. Ferguson. The following site provides excellent information on how moxibustion can be used for a baby with a breech presentation. ** see below**.
Wait it out. Babies do change positions during pregnancy so it could switch by next week. If it doesn't switch naturally, sometimes the OB can try a turning maneuver called a version to turn it., but this has some risks. If you go to full term as a breach expect a surgical delivery.
External version. An external cephalic version is usually done around 36-40 weeks. Your doctor will give you a medicine to relax your uterus and attempt to turn your baby from the outside. You can try acupuncture and moxibustion performed by an acupuncturist who specializes in women's health starting around 30-32 weeks. There are also pelvic tilt "breech exercises" that can be done at home.