7 months old baby with a bad runny nose how to get rid of that bc she can't breath bc of the snuffed and I gave her a few drops of motrin, hummifier in the room and vick rub. Any other idea? Please help. Its only been 2-3up days

Stop the rub. I consider the vick's rub an air pollutant when used in infants. It can prolong or worsen congestion. A liberal wash out of her nose with saline can remove some of the irritants & thin out the mucous. Sometimes you must wash out the nose using saline like a garden hose to be effective.
Saline drops... ...And suction as necessary may help the nasal passages stay clean. You can also try elevating the head of the bed, offering clear liquids to help dissipate mucous, and offering smaller feedings more often throughout the day so as the baby is able to optimize feedings and isn't swallowing air; keep running the humidifier and you should only apply infant Vicks until the baby is at least 1.