I have a high ankle sprain and my ankle is not in place it's 4 inches above the socket and my foot is turned to the right and I can't walk on it it been about 4 days now and the swelling is going down but not all the way is this normal?

You need care. You need to be seen by a podiatrist for x-rays and /or MRI to see your damage then immobilization for 4-6 weeks with 3 point crutch walking for now and follow up with physical therapy.
See ankle specialist. Make sure no fracture or ligament tear. Will need x-rays and possibly MRI to assess degree of injury. Swelling may last days to months, depending on level of injury. If you can't walk, it sounds severe and needs treatment. Swelling going down is good but needs to be evaluated by specialist.
If you are . Stating you have a dislocated ankle then you need to be seen by a doctor. You don't self treat this.