What are some complications of knee arthroscopy?

Several, but rare... Generally, arthroscopy is a very safe procedure. Common side effects include swelling, pain, and muscle weakness, all which should resolve with time and rehabilitation. Rare but potential side complications can include anesthetic-related complications, infection, or dvt/pe (deep venous thrombosis or pulmonary embolism), or nerve or blood vessel injury. Procedure-specific risks are also present.
Complications. Complications surrounding knee arthroscopy can include a deep vein thrombosis/blood clot, need for further surgery, post operative infection, stiffness, pain; nerve irritation at the surrounding portal sites, post operative swelling.
Infection and clot. Knee arthroscopy is a very common and safe procedure and is the most frequently performed orthopaedic surgical procedure each year in the U.S. Commonly discussed complications that occur rarely, include: infection, nerve or vessel damage, persistent pain, a need for further surgery, and a clot or dvt. Surgery is performed in an o.R. After a dose of antibiotics in a safe position by your surgeon.