Should strep throat group b symptoms continue after taking antibiotics for 4 weeks?

Wrong strep. Group a strep is the throat pathogen we worry about.Group b strep is a normal germ of the bowel & female genital tract that can be fatal to babies. If your throat remains sore after 4 wks it is probable that strep was not the only or primary issue.Mono can present as a prolonged sore throat & often strep can be found concurrently.Followup with your dr if still ill.
Strepto infection . Yes, could be. Have to be done a sensitivity test. Depending of the age , younger patients have to be treated until 21 years old some times . Have to check abscess , tonsils , lab test for aso . CBC , esr, others related. Go and check with your primary or family dr.Some times is necessary to change the antibiotic after a sensitivity test, and clean the through with salted or vinager /water .....
Group A ? . Group b strep hurts the newborn. Group a strep is a typical acquired throat infection. Two different problems here. Group b strep usually doesn't cause sore throat. Please see if your facts are straight.