What can you do at home after knee arthroscopy?

Thigh/calf exercises. Routine knee arthroscopy to address common injuries such as mensical tears and cartilage lesions generally allow for several basic activities geared to help prevent postoperative complications. Performing thigh muscle contractions via a straight leg raise (knee kept straight) helps prevent loss of extension and helps prepare for ambulation. Calf pumping exercises help prevent blood clots (dvt).
Home exercises. There are simple exercises to do after knee arthroscopy at home. These can be found on the internet. You can work on range of motion of your knee, do straight leg raises, and quadriceps isometric contractions.
Knee arthroscopy. Knee arthroscopy exercises include closed chain exercises such as stationary cycling, and basic quadriceps exercises such as straight leg raises, quad sets and patellar mobilizations; short arc quads can also be initiated.
Work on motion. I usually don't prescribe pt for a simple knee arthroscopy. Usually a stationary bike is sufficient to help with achieving good range of motion.