What causes itchy palms, feet and flank pain

Your itching. Is probably not related to the flank pain. Many causes for itching. Have a dermatologist evaluate this.
Related or not? Itchy palms and itchy feet may or may not be related to other symptoms. A primary care doctor can evaluate to see if there are any problems overall. Such symptoms can occur together is cases of kidney disease, liver disease, medication side effects, allergies, etc...

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What would cause balls of feet and palms of hands to itch and cause upper flank pain?

Allergic reaction. Palmar and plantar itching (palms and soles) usually signifies an allergic reaction, but flank pain generally means a kidney problem like an infection or stone. It's unusual to have both together. Either one could signal a serious problem, though, so it's important to see a doctor and get all this sorted out soon.
I do. Not believe the flank pain is related to the itching. The itching can be from fungus, allergy, diabetes etc. Discuss this with your family dr.