What is neuroma? I see this word a lot when asking about my recent issue with my right big toe and the swelling of the balls of my right foot. I can't walk or sleep. Please advise.

Neuroma. This is fibrous or scar like tissue entrapping a nerve. It doesn't happen with the big toe very often . From your description it sounds like you have more than one problem . See your podiatrist who will unravel this and help you. Good luck.
Nerve tumor. Neuromas are benign tumors which may arise spontaneously or as part of genetically determined processes. Trauma can trigger neuroma formation. Such is very common in women who often force their feet into ill-fitting shoes. Once formed, neuromas don't resolve. Gout may cause similar pain to the great toe. See a podiatrist.
Neuroma. Is most common to 3rd and 4th toes. What you discribe is more like a nerve entrapment and some soft tissue problem. Have it seen by podiatrist.
A neuroma. Is a benign nerve that is enlarged and trapped causing sharp burning pain or numbness. I suggest you see a podiatrist.
See below. A neuroma is an injury to the nerve causing swelling of the nerve and often the formation of scar tissue around the nerve.