Could repeated gout attacks cause permanent inflammation and tendonitis?

The concern would be. Damage of bone, the gout can actually eat away at bone (the ur ate crystals that is) also one must realize this is not just a disorder of the affected joint. Your kidneys and heart can be affected as well. Instead of getting repeated attacks, treat the disease and control it.
No/Yes. Gout attacks are by definition inflammation; repeated attacks will result in calcium deposition that leads to larger joints and deformity that in itself may lead to more inflammation. Best approach to treat this is acid free diet; increase intake of alkaline water; large quantities of anti-flammatory herbs such as cats claw, food enzymes and protandim check www. Medacpc. Com.
Yes. In some people, gout can become chronic going from acute, self-limited attacks to chronic, daily pain and inflammation. This is usually associated with the development of tophi, or large visible crystal deposits. This is treatable with aggressive urate lowering therapy.

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Can repeated gout attacks cause permanent inflammation and tendinitis?

Gout that is not. Controlled can cause joint destruction, tendon changes and soft tissue deposits to develop. Nodules or tophi can fo in soft tissues, tendons can get gouty deposits and cartilage can be destroyed in joints. Severe systemic issues in the heart kidney and other really important organs can occur too. Gout is easily controlled with the proper diagnosis and. Medication in most cases.
Gout usually. Is a monoarticular disease, so it usually will be present in a joint. 75% of the time this is the first metatarsophalangeal joint. So, it is unlikely to cause permenant inflammation and tenderness. Though, I do believe it is possible, particularly if it would occur in an uncommon location, say, near the achilles' tendon. Most things are possible. So, possible, but not common.