What is the fastest way to heal Achilles tendonitis?

Depends. It's best to work with physical therapist or sports medicine specialist to assess and reassess to make sure it is progressing safely. If you do too much too quickly it can rupture. Airrosti therapy is a hybrid between pt and chiropractor, they get amazing results if you have a location near you.
Rest, ice, NSAIDS. The best way to heal achilles tendonitis is to completely rest the area. Supplement rest with ice massage and nsaids. When the pain diminishes, start passive stretching and then more active stretching over time. Heel lifts may also assist in treating achilles tendonitis. I use lower leg taping to help rest the achilles.
Newer Treatments. I suggest resting the tendon and seeking treatment for this sooner rather than later. I have been dealing with this condition myself for over five years. Traditional treatments including stretches, heel lifts, and eccentric strengthening didn't help. Newer treatments including ultrasounded guided tenotomy & prp really helped me. People are also now using stem cell treatments as well.

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What exactly is the fastest way to heal Achilles tendonitis?

Achilles . Rice stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. Try some otc antiinflamatory meds and get it checked by doctor. If severe it may need to be immobilized. Read more...
Achilles Tendonitis. Rest! achilles tendinitis which is stretching the tendon where it inserts on the heel. Try wearing a heel lift in your shoe or a slight heel to relax the tendon from its insertion. Ice, rest, topical irritants like icy hot or bengay can help too. If it doesn't get better visit your local podiatrist for further evaluation and treatment. Possible need to ankle brace, walking boot or pt. Read more...