Is an anti-depressant recommended for antral gastritis if stress/anxiety/depression is determined to be the cause?

Not directly. Stress, anxiety, and depression all have physiological effects -- including, in some people, gastric irritation/gastritis. An anti-depressant might well be recommended for the anxiety & depression (responses to "stress") -- hoping that other physiologic responses (the antral gastritis) will attenuate. So it's not a direct effect, but along w/others it could be a very potent intervention.
Possibly. In one study 60% of pts admitted to the hospital for GI complaints were found to have GI complaints--psychiatrists favored giving them antidepressants & just telling pts they were stomach meds but the GI docs opposed this saying the pts would look up the meds & want to know why they were given antidepressants!

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Which anti depressant will help daily nausea, stress & mild anxiety? Have chronic gastritis. Hard time keeping food to stay down.

Mirtazapine. Seek consultation & ongoing support for this important health problem. You deserve it & the answers received there will be more accurate than the one i can give. That said, the antidepressant Mirtazapine (remeron) is also 80% effective for variety of anxiety conditions in clinical trials. It is taken at night because it causes sleepiness but it diminishes nausea and improves appetite. Read more...
Need medical consult. Chronic gastritis is a treatable condition. First check w/ primary care doc ur physical condition. Ex: could u b pregnant? Ur gp may have 2 refer u 2 a specialist if needed. Most antidepressants (may) have GI side-effects esp. At the beginning of the rx. In ur case, it's more reasonable 2 make sure that u r GI sx r treated b4 prescribing u an antidepressant. In addition, talk therapy could help 2! Read more...