What are the symptoms of a sprained finger?

Pain. Pain, swelling, tenderness and possibly a deformity. I would not hesitate to be seen to make sure it is not a more severe injury such as a fracture.
Many. Pain, swelling, loss of motion or stiffness, possible joint instability. This is often difficult to differentiate from a fracture without an xray.

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What are the symptoms of a sprained middle finger?

Pain and swelling. Basically pain and swelling about the knuckle. It is usually wise o get an x-ray to make sure there is no underlying fracture.

I am showing some symptoms of a sprained finger, how do I know if I need to go to the doctor for my finger?

Instability. If the joint is just sore and mildly swollen then no. If the joint is unstable and has pain with stressing of the joint, or is lacking range of motion then yes.

I sprained my index finger on Saturday and on Sunday I Googled my symptoms and it comes up with a sprained finger, I brought a finger splint today, I can still move it, and the pain is subsiding a bit now. Just wondering how long should I keep it on? Also

Keep moving. The movement is definitely a good thing. You don't want to completely NOT move it for a week because that will cause unnecessary stiffness and likely cause the healing to be longer than it would normally. Typically somewhere between 5-7 days depending on how the finger is feeling. It's not an exact science. And just so you know, I can't see the last part of your question on here- sorry! Good luck!
3-4 days. You don't really need to wear a splint for a finger sprain. If it makes it feel better to wear it, that is okay to use it, but make sure to take it off several times a day and move your finger around so that it does not get stiff. I would not suggest wearing it for more than 3-4 days if you do wear it.