What are the common side effects of a orthoscopic shoulder stabilization laser surgery?

Relief... This is hi-tech; but aimed at stabilization of the joint and quicker recovery time. Orthoscopic procedures are also associated with less complications; better outcomes(depending upon the skill of the orthopedist), and improved patient satisfaction.
No Thermal Laser!!! Please do not have shoulder surgery that involves treating an unstable shoulder with laser surgery or thermal treatment. There are much more effective and safer ways to treat unstable shoulders. Learn more here: http://www.Theshouldercenter.Com/shoulderpain/2012/shoulder-specialist/surgeryspecialist/ & http://theshouldercenter.Com/unstable-shoulder.Htm.
No lasers!!!! Orthopaedic surgery can be done arthroscopically or endoscopically. Arthroscopic surgery occurs when a camera is placed inside of a joint. Endoscopy refers to a camera in a body cavity or space. Lasers are used to cut or coagulate and are not used in these settings. Arthroscopic stabilization of the shoulder may lead to stiffness, but typically performs quite well. Stiff is better than unstable.