Can you have stomach fat or lipo done at the time of hernia repair surgeries? Port site and incisional umbilical hernia?

Bad Idea. Incisional hernia repair is almost-always done with mesh. Mesh infections can be devastating complications. Increasing the incisions in the abdominal wall by liposuction could increase the risk of mesh infection. In contrast, an andominoplasty ("tummy tuck") can sometimes be combined with hernia repair.
Yes and No. Small areas of fatty deposits could be addressed at the same time of surgical repair of a hernia. Cosmetic procedures in general are best completed as separate stand alone procedures. Cosmetic effect is best done to sculpt and contour the body...Best accomplished when the body is as close to natural form...After repair of major structural problems like a hernia. Increased risks with combinations.
Maybe. You can have plastic surgical procedures done simultaneous with hernia repair, but if they are in the same area, there would be an increased risk of complications, although overall complication rate would be expected to be low. Usually would also require coordination between two specialists - typically a general and plastic surgeon.
Lipo with hernia rep. If lipo is in same anatomic area as the hernia repair, i.e. the central abdomen than NO! To dangerous. Could destroy the hernia repair... Plus the extra fees in combination with the insurance covered hernia repair will not make any sense.