What does it mean to osteomyelitis?

Bone infection. Osteomyelitis is infection in bone. Infections can reach bone via bloodstream or spreading from nearby tissue. Osteomyelitis can also begin in the bone itself if an injury exposes the bone to bacteria.
Bone infection. This is a very difficult treatment problem, let alone a diagnosis problem. The infection can be seen with a bone scan or mri. Once it is diagnosed, surgery is common as well as long term IV antibiotics. If chronic and severe amputation is possible.
Not a verb. Osteomyelitis is infection of the bone. Not a verb.

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What does it mean to have osteomyelitis of the jaw?

Osteomyelitis. Osteomyelitis of any bone including jaw bon (mandible) means a deep seated infection of that bone. It requires prolonged use of IV antibiotics and failure to treat may result in serious consequences.
Infection. Osteomyelitis by definition is infection of the bone. Osteomyelitis of the jaw means that a portion of the jaw bone is infected and should be treated to prevent the infection from spreading or destroying the bone.
Poor dental hygiene. Polymicrobial infections usually in jaw. Tooth abscess or infection can lead to osteomyelitis of jaw. Fracture of mandible may become infected. Patients with malnutrition, chemotherapy, autoimmune diseases and other chronic diseases more susceptible. Better hygiene has reduced incidence of jaw osteomyelitis.
Serious problem. Serious infection of jaw. See oral surgeon ASAP.