My father feet is swollen it look like elephant feet and a lot of dead skin is peeling off. What could it be?

Edema/stasis dermati. One sign of congestive heart failure is feet/leg swelling, thus he should be evaluated by doc. Prolonged swelling causes distension on the skin areas, reducing blood supply and the cells slowly die, thus skin sloughing off. Heart disease is often resulted from atherosclerosis which is caused by high bp, cholesterol, smoking, diabetes etc..Some meds can make swelling worse. Consult doc. Good luck.
I. Would consult with an internist to start. Your father may have lymph edema.
There are a few. Possibilities like: venous insufficiency, lymphaedema or even elephantiasis. All 3 can cause bad swelling of the lower legs and feet. Treatments may include, decreasing salt from diet, water pills, elevation, lymphedema pumps etc. Speak to your internist for further insight.