I had breast cancer a year ago and had a right mastecnomy. Now they have found pleural nodules in right and left lower lobes 5mm, 4, 8mm, 2, 4mm, 4.5mm should I be worried about lung cancer.?

While these are. Quite tiny, this appears ominous. It would help to know the facts at dx: tumor size, nodal status; er, pr, her-2-neu status. These would influence probabilities. Some treatment, particularly taxanes, can cause pulmonary findings. Go over this with you team, primarily medical oncologist.
Yes, and... Rather than worry, get right to your surgeon or other physician you trust and get a definitive diagnosis for the bumps. They may be something as simple as histoplasmosis (the pesky fungus all of us get in kansas), or they may be one of the common ways in which breast cancer spreads. If the latter, it should still be manageable often for many more good years, but act now.

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