A recent CT scan with contrast revealed two cysts on pancreas. What does this mean? Previous colon cancer and has esld. Also 6mm mass on liver.

Needs attention. Needs work up. Most of the pancreatic tumors are solid but cysadenoma , cystadeno carcinoma will present as cystic lesions need biopsy of these lesions to make sure they are not malignant also liver lesion. If pancreatic lesions are benign could be a candidate for liver transplantation for end stage liver disease ( esld ).
Pancreatic cyst. I do recommend you follow up with a gastroenterologist. It really depends on the description of the cyst. You may need further work up for it which may include an MRI or a procedure called eus.
Needs evaluation. The radiologist should comment on whether these are "complex" or "simple" cysts. If they have any worrisome features, an endoscopic ultrasound with fine needle aspiration can help determine if these cysts have a future risk of cancer. The liver mass should be monitored for growth on future scans.
Depends. I do not have enough information to make much of a recommendation. Tiny findings on a ct scan may be of no clinical importance. The 6 mm liver module is likely nothing. How large or small are the pancreas findings? What is the cause of the esld? The radiologists report their visual findings. It us up to your doctor who ordered the test to help you determine if the finding important for you or not.