Does sickle cell nemia has treatment? If so what are the medications? What are the foods that achild with sickle cell anemia eat? Is it tur that when some body reaches the age eighteen the disease disapears

Many questions. Sickle cell anemia is genetic and never disappears without bone marrow transplantation. Sickle cell anemia has medications that improve outcomes. Penicillin prophylaxis, empiric treatment of fever with antibiotics, and Prevnar (pneumococcal vaccine) / Pneumovax immunizations decrease risk of dying from infection. Hydroxyurea can decrease the frequency of painful crises and may minimize / delay sickle cell damage to body.
Sickle cell anemia. It is a hereditary disorder of the red blood cells (rbc). If you have it, you will have it forever. It is not something that you grow out of it when you reach certain age. Treatment ihs supportive care-hydration, avoid conditions that can make your rbc sickled. Hydrea, (hydroxyurea) blood transfusion as needed, iron chelator. Pain medication for crisis, etc. Bone marrow transplant is the only way to cure it.