A1c was 5.3 first mornings fasting blood sugar 99 or lower 89. A few times fasting sugar was 104 or 106 under extreme anxiety so is this diabetes?

No. You don't have diabetes. With a1c of 5.3 and fasting glucose mostly <100, you don't have pre-diabetes also. Keep in mind, for fasting sugar, we need the actually blood test rather than what you get from the glucometer but given everything above, you are doing well. No worries.
See below. If fasting for >8 hours. Fasting sugar 100-125 is pre-diabetes and 2-hrs after eating 140-199 is prediabetes. Fasting -126 and higher; and 2 hours after eating, 200 and greater, is diabetes can get home blood glucose testing equipment over the counter in pharmacies so you have pre-diabetes.