If my husband has had a vasectomy can I get pregnant he had it done in may 2009 but I have all the symptoms of being pregnant.?

Possible but rare. Recanalization of the vas can occur early or late. In either instance it occurs in less than 1 percent of cases. The most common pitfall of vasectomies is that more that 30 percent of men don't check themselves after the procedure to know if it was successful in the first place. Though rare reconnection can occur and lead to pregnancy, therefore it is possible. You should get a pregancy test.
Here are some ... For your current concern, have your husband get post-vasectomy semen exam now to see if he is in expected sperm-free state. Meanwhile, you should get HPT (home pregnancy test) to confirm if you indeed conceived. Known to us, post-vasectomy recanalization of vas does happen. So, all things of concern may be tied together in a sensible fashion.
Possible, take UPT. Nothing is 100%. Take a urine pregnancy test and see your OB doc if it's positive. Vasectomy does have a 1 in 2000 chance of a pregnancy resulting from vasectomy failure - 0.05%. This is from men who have confirmed testing following a vasectomy. Good luck.