What does a low TSH level mean?

Need to look at T3 (liothyronine) And free t4. Low tsh, depending on the sensitivity of the assay, indicates thyroid hyper-function. However, the suspected hyperthyroidism needs to be confirmed with high levels of T3 (liothyronine) and free t4. All lab tests need to be evaluated in the clinical context and it would be prudent to take up the issue with your doctor.

Related Questions

Hyperthyroidism and weight gain, can a low TSH level cause weight gain? And how would menopause effect TSH level?

No. Rarely hyperthyroidism manifested by a low TSH and elevated thyroid hormones can cause increased hunger leading to weight gain. Most hyperthyroids lose (muscle) weight. Menopause has no effect on TSH levels, but as we age hypothyroidism with increased TSH becomes more likely. 20% of women on medicare have elevated TSH and have frank or subclinical hypothyroidism. Read more...

Can taking too much Synthroid (thyroxine) plus cytomel, therefore having a very low TSH level, cause seizures?

Possible. Both high and low thyroid states can be associated with seizures. Seizures can be seen in 5-10% of high thyroid states and even more commonly when it is due to an overdose with medication. If you are experiencing this, go to the nearest er as this condition is life-threatening and needs immediate attention. Your doctors will also search for other conditions that may be causing seizures. Read more...