Does creatine kinase always increase with muscle injury?

Yes? CPK or ck is elevated in conditions of the muscles (aldolase, SGOT and ldh too). We use it as screening because it's sensitivity. It may elevate with cholesterol medicines, also with heart attacks and with rhabdomyolysis (when it is too high in the thousands may cause renal damage). After injury to large muscles ck may get elevated.
Yes. Creatine kinase is an enzyme involved with the sole function of muscles which is contracting. Damage to even the smallest amount of muscle will release creating kinase. While small injuries may release so little that normal tests cannot pick it up, we believe that just like a balloon with a hole, some of it escapes with each injury.

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Does creatine kinase only rise with muscle injury?

Muscle and Brain. Creatine kinase is present in skeletal muscle, heart, smooth muscle and brain and injury to any of these can cause elevation of this enzyme.

I have pain in my thighs and my heart muscles as well I feel that my chest is locked my creatine kinase=412?

Muscle Pain. You need to see a doctor to determine the cause. Obviously an astute physician or provider did a creatinine kinase (ck) test specifically for inflammation of the muscle. It would be helpful to know which isoenzymes were most prominent. Ck has two sources, skeletal muscle and heart muscle producing two different isoenzymes. Knowing the levels of each can help make the diagnosis.

What can extreme high levels of creatine kinase (skeletal muscle enzymes) be the result of?

Just being fit. The reference range is set on the assumption that you don't exercise. Fitness types routinely have values way up in the thousands. No need to limit your fun in the gym.

I hav pain n my heart, thighs muscle, chest I did test a.G ratio, creatine kinase, macroscopy-specificgravity wasn't normal which kind of doctor I refer?

Go see family doctor. Your family doctor is 1st person to see (i'm obviously biased) as it's her/his job to care for all of you. We're trained to handle majority of common problems & conditions but s/he can refer you to appropriate specialists if need be. Be sure to tell her/him everything you're taking eg herbs, dietary supplements, otc meds, prescription stuff, everything! Bring in original bottles if possible.

I hav pain n my heart, thighs muscle, chest I did test a.G ratio:1.1 creatine kinase:412 macroscopy-specific gravity:1.005 which kind of doctor I refer?

Lab data. These numbers have no meaning without a clinical context. See a pcp (internist or family practitioner) and get evaluated. Good luck.
Clinical context. The creatine kinase would be way-high if you are sedentary, may be normal if you exercise. I wouldn't draw any conclusions from any of the other data. Your primary care physician who ordered the exam is the one to interpret it. With widespread muscle pain, i'd want to rule out polymyositis, rhabdomyolysis from some cause, any of the other myopathies.