What will happen if I have a pinched meniscus?

Interesting term? A mensicus usually refers to the cartilage in the knee. If the cartilage comes loose and bend or moves as the knee is moving, then it can get caught in the joint between the bones, and will be pinched. This can cause pain, can cause a piece to be broken off and get loose in the knee and can cause problems for you. If you are concerned, see an orthopedist or your pcp. May need more diagnostics.
Varies with severity. A pinched meniscus is lay term often used for a partially torn meniscus. A torn meniscus often causes knee pain, swelling and painful clicking. Since it is cartilage and doesn't get very good blood supply, many do not heal well. However, effective nonsurgical treatment can include rest, medications, injections, bracing and physical therapy. Trimming away the torn portion surgically is an option.