I had a vats blebectomy and pleurodesis surgery. Would it be possible to smoke marijuana on occasion through a vape?

Not good to smoke. It's never "good" to smoke anything. I would think after having extensive lung surgery like you had, it would be best to never smoke anything and risk any damage to the lungs.
no. Stay away from any inhalational agent that may irritate the lungs. Also, there is growing data that links heavy marijuana smoking to small cell lung cancer, though the risk of lung cancer is not believed to be as high as cigarette smoking.
As above. I agree with other doctors , if u want to be healthy u should avoid all illicit drug use.
Bad choice. Risk factors for primary and secondary spontaneous pneumothorax (sp) include: smoking (including marijuana). Lung inflammation is also thought to be important. Smokers have increased numbers of inflammatory cells. Studies in patients show degree of inflammation correlates with the extent of emphysematouslike changes (elcs).