How long after orthoscopic meniscus surgery does the swelling usually go down?

2 weeks. Typically it goes down in the first 2 weeks but it can take longer. If it persists beyond say 6 weeks then it needs to be evaluated.
Weeks. Usually the pain if better than before the surgery quit readily, the swelling however can last for several weeks. If there is arthrits in the knee, this can prolong the time for swelling to be present. Ice and nsaid's do help as well as possibly a short course of therapy.

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How long after orthoscopic meniscus surgery will the swelling go down?

Few days. Usually minimizing the swelling from the procedure is the key performing the procedure in an efficient manor and minimizing the intra op bleeding will minimize swelling also it is important to be off your feet for the first 24 hours to keep the swelling down most of my patient who have an arthroscopic procedure done on thursday have their dressing changed saturday and return to work on monday. Read more...