What are signs of pink eye?

Pink eye. Most common is a pink eye with mucous and eyelashes sticking together especially on awakening. The eyelids can swell and there can be a slight blur in vision but should not be dramatic change. Can also be associated with an upper respiratory infection.
Eye exam. Conjunctivitis is either allergic or infectious and is diagnosed by a combination of symptoms of itching, burning, redness, weeping along with physical findings of dilated blood vessels, mucous membrane inflammatory patterns, and discharge pattern. Sometimes there is swollen lymph node in front of the ear. Pink eye typically refers to viral conjunctivitis and exhibits exaggerated symptoms.
Conjunctivitis. Red eyes, grainy sensation when closing and opening lids, discharge onto lids, itchy sensation, pain.

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What are the signs of pink eye and symptoms too?

Redness, discharge. Pink eye is the common term for viral infection of the eye. It may affect one eye but commonly affects both. The eye is red, has a clear discharge, may be a little swollen, sometimes is light sensitive and usually is irritated but not painful. Since it is infectious, others around you might also have the same thing or you may spread yours to them. Read more...
Pink Eye. Pink eye symptoms can effect one or both eyes. They many include redness &/or itchiness, increased tearing, discharge & gritty sensation. Read more...

What are the signs and symptoms of pink eye that is contagious?

Redness/drainage. Conjunctivitis is inflammation of white part of the eye caused by virus, bacteria, allergens or irritant. More likely infectious cause if it begins on one side and associated with purulent drainage or systemic symptoms. School personnel typically presume all "red eyes" are contagious. Bacterial causes may require antibiotic drops, viral infections are self-limited. Hand washing prevents spread. Read more...