I had a lower right wisdom tooth extracted. Pain then followed in the adjacent tooth and now is it in 2 teeth on the upper right jaw. Nerve pain?

Maybe. Pain on the adjacent teeth is a common side effect until you heal. Referred pain is when you feel pain on the opposing arch of a tooth that has been hurting.This is also a common side effect. However you should never rule out the possibility of having more cavities on the opposing arch as well as the adjacent teeth causing this pain or possible infection. It would be wise to call your dentist.
Not uncommon. Sometimes a traumatic extraction can result in the entire corner of the mouth, both upper and lower jaw teeth becoming sensitive. If persists get back to the dentist that did the extraction.
Dry Socket. Most likely you have dry socket. Lower wisdom teeth are more common to develop dry socket after extraction, especially in females. The pain that you are feeling on the tooth in front and in your upper teeth is radiating pain from the dry socket. You should return to your doctor because he can put some medications in the socket to alleviate the pain.