Could acupuncture and qi gong treatment help my knee cartilage grow back?

No. There is no evidence that there is an treatment that reliably reverses knee cartilage injury including acupuncture.
No. No, however acupuncture has been shown to help with knee pain from arthritis. It is effective but expensive and studies included several weeks of treatment. There are no long term studies with arthritis and acupuncture that I am aware of.
Sxs- yes, regrow- no. Acupuncture may help you to heal, reduce inflammation and decrease pain but it will not grow more knee cartilage back. What does your orthopedic surgeon recommend.

Related Questions

What are treatment options for knee cartilage wear?

Multiple. There are many options, including arthroscopic drilling; cartilage harvesting, groth, and then implantation; visco supplementation; braces and osteo roomies to " offload" the area, joint resurfacing, etc. Don't hesitate to see an orthopedic surgeon to discuss which option would be best for you. Read more...

What is the best treatment for damaged knee cartilage?

Depends. There are several factors involved. The location of the damaged cartilage is important. The extent of damage is paramount. Several surgical options exist depending on the specific diagnosis. I would suggest consultation with orthopedic surgeon to get proper workup and discuss options. Read more...
Articular/meniscal. For meniscus-surgery. For articular- weight loss, bracing, pt, hyaluronic acid injections, surgery if all else fails. Read more...