Hurting under left shoulder blade tingling in center of back pain in top left ribcage that goes under my left arm.

Rib dysfunction. This kind of pain, along with the tingling (neuro type symptom) is commonly seen in my practice.Ribs should rise & fall w/ inhaling/exhaling, but when one or more locks & stops moving properly, pain-sharp or severe aching-results, usually in upper back.Vertebrae may also be involved.Osteopathic hands-on exam recommended.Gentle manipulation may free the rib, & stop the symptoms.
See your family MD. Could be a herniated disk in the neck causing your pain or in your upper thoracic spine. Could also be muscle spasm with referred pain. See your family dr. For evaluation who can help delineate this for you.

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Pain radiating to left arm and chest originating from near left shoulder blade. Tingling in left arm till fingers also present depending upon position?

Two considerations. You might possess pinching of nerve in neck, cervical radiculopathy, and if arm is raised, you might feel less symptoms. Or, you could have thoracic outlet syndrome, and if arm is elevated, you will have more intense symptoms. One additional caveat, make sure that your pain is not of cardiac origin. Have your doctor assess all of this. Read more...

Hey doctor. I have pain since 3 days in my left shoulder blade also in my left arm with tingling. I don't have any past medical history..

Radicular pain. Pain in the shoulder blade area radiating to the arm, along with tingling in the arm, is likely due to a pinched nerve root in the lower cervical spine or less likely upper thoracic spine. The cause is often due to a herniated or bulging disc in the spine. Pain and/or abnormal sensation from compression of a nerve root in the spine is called radicular pain. SEE Read more...

I have a tingling in my left side of my face and head, and now in my left shoulder blade and sometimes my neck and sometimes my left arm.

Need more info. This sounds like you have a neurological problem. Somewhere nerves in your cervical spine are being impinged upon and you need to see your primary care physician and/or an osteopathic physician. Read more...