Saw new md (insurance change). Gave her med records w/former md's dx&tx. New md was rude & condescending to me d/t former md's dx! What's your take on this?

Not sure, but... Not sure about all that, but a patient should always make a copy of her medical records if she has them. Then, she can give just the copy to her new doctor. If she and the new doctor are not a good match, she can try another doctor and give the second doctor a copy of her records (while always keeping the originals).
On behalf of doctors. Any physician would be fortunate to have more patients like you. I personally request all records, in advance if possible, so that I have a better overview of a patient's health and life. You made life simpler for your physician. I hope that he/she made any decisions easier for you. If not, go the the website for the payer and look for another doctor. And always ask for your copy of records back!